Singles dating and multiple sclerosis

He recognizes the strength it takes to achieve what I do every day.

And I provide him with support through my own strengths. I’m sure that will raise all new realities for both of us to consider.

I approached this venture with trepidation, but it was time…so I took the plunge. I decided anyone near or in my social and professional circles were off limits. It’s not a fair start for someone trying to make their first impression. I tried a bit of that but found it was mostly the same people over and over again. Am I really going to meet someone over the internet?

There were so many unknowns for me and I was putting a lot on the line.

In chatting and getting to know people I found the right times and the right people to disclose that information to.

And I only did if I felt it was relevant to the situation.

I can’t afford to give my heart to someone that will check out once they realize the reality of being with someone with multiple sclerosis. I may not always be able to be there when you want me to, and that hurts me as much as it does you.

In my opinion, disclosing your health status to someone you are dating should be like with an employer. I’d bring up mine, they’d bring up theirs and everyone felt more comfortable now that that was out of the way.

It’s a personal choice as to when and who this needs to be disclosed too. Once I understood that I felt less stressed about bringing up that part of my life.

I had a preliminary look at free online dating sites and apps.

I almost went running for the hills and abandoned the endeavor altogether.

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