Signs of dating a douchebag

A person who doesn’t care about what you think or are interested in doesn’t care about , and he probably doesn’t respect you either. But he doesn’t want to meet your friends or family, and he doesn’t want to talk about your future.

That’s all right for a while—but once If a guy is moving too fast for your comfort, it’s a simple enough thing to tell him to slow down.

You don’t need someone who’s more negative than positive in your life.

If you talk about a problem at work, for example, and he is quick to tell you how you could have handled things better, but he doesn’t take the time to tell you how gorgeous you look after you spent a couple of hours primping for your date, it might be a sign you should drop him. If everything coming out of his mouth is I, I, I and even talking about your concerns and interests is just an elaborate way to circle back to talking about him, you definitely should have a problem with that.

This is not to say he can’t notice a pretty woman when he sees one.

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