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Before he was selfish but now he is supportive of his girlfriend.He is now mature and serious in handling relationship.Shaina changed the negative impressions of people to John and John gave Shaina a positive aura and outlook in life.John’s perception in love suddenly changed when Shaina came to his life.It was in the middle of 2007 when UD4 switched and exchanged partners. Some people also witnessed that during UD4’s mall shows, John & Shaina will sit beside each other, and after a while they will be caught talking and chatting with each other.Maja then was paired with Rayver while Shaina was paired with John. Particularly, it was in the show Love Spell where John & Shaina became closer.

Fans were not approved of John for Shaina because of the height.

They remembered Shaina always saying that she wanted that her first boyfriend would be tall and handsome. John & Shaina fought their love for each other despite the disapproval of others to their relationship. They served as challenges and at the same time paved the way to make their relationship stronger.

What matters to them is the real personality and the true love that they have for each other.

One factor for that admiration is that Shaina and his sister Camille are friends and they grew up together, so he already has an idea of Shaina’s personality.

Shaina at first didn’t know that John was already courting her because John at that time was not bringing flowers and instead he was bringing Krispy Kreme everytime he visits her so she thought that it was just a friendly visit.

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