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In classic karaoke style, the lyrics appear in huge luminous letters within the window which can be expanded to fill the screen meaning you can host your own karaoke parties.

On the downside, as mentioned earlier, it’s not 100% accurate with the lyrics.

There are multiple reasons - both on a practical and metaphorical level - that this shift will be necessary.

To begin with, many VR experiences require space for the user to move around. Often - not always, but - these kinds of physical actions can be inconvenient, difficult or outright impossible to perform in the kinds of office spaces where VR-capable PCs usually reside.

It’s also supposed to be compatible with Media Player XP although many users have reported problems with this particular player.

One of the best features of Evil Lyrics is that it’s very light and does the job discreetly without affecting other running applications.

All you do is start Winamp, select a song and Evil Lyrics pops up with the lyrics in a seperate Window.

However, continued growth of the technology will require it to step outside the bedrooms and home-offices of its current user base - tech and gaming enthusiasts.

The window also provides additional links to Google searches, Amazon album profiles, translations, offline storage and other album or song related data.

The plug-in was designed originally for Winamp (which is what we tested it in) but it now works with Windows Media Player, Foobar2000 and Sonique.

Once installed, Evil Lyrics starts every time you open your default media player.

The window floats in a small browser style window at the side of the player but it can be minimised to the tray if you don’t want it sat there.

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