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Rodney, an architecht, is the prince who rescues her, but he has to take a trip and the wicked relatives catch up with her again.Her next rescuer is a tatooed lady in a circus who can't save her from the circus manager.I have divided my gambling stills presentation into four web pages to avoid over-crowding: Male Superstars and Notable Male Personalities -- click here. Can such a match work despite snobbery and old associations? Barbara Stanwyck, playing a compulsive gambler, is frantic here at roulette table in "The Lady Gambles" (1949). Barbara Stanwyck standing next to Ray Milland (seated, center) in "California" (1947). ""Wicked" Lily Bishop joins a wagon train to California, led by Michael Fabian and Johnnny Trumbo, but news of the Gold Rush scatters the train. She soon becomes a success gambling among the rich, but, falling out with the syndicate, she considers the marriage proposal of blueblood Garry Madison. This finally breaks up their marriage, but David continues trying to help her.," per IMDb.Hugh wouldn't dream of calling it off, but can't abandon his rose garden.Things change that afternoon, though, when Miriam's old suitor Victor Macfarland (Scott) checks into the hotel where Hugh is publicity man.Rodney shows up and dismisses her as a fallen woman.

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"A businesslike syndicate runs all the gambling joints in town; least profitable is honest Mike Lee's. " "When Joan Boothe accompanies husband-reporter David [Robert Preston] to Las Vegas, she begins gambling to pass the time while he is doing a story.

It also stars (in lower picture) and Walter Huston. Munson is seen at the upper-right, at the entrance to the pit in white dress and arms outstretched.

Mature is down aways and in front of her; he is wearing white Asian garb and a fez.

Click here to see my lobby card from the movie, at the bottom of that page.

Miriam Hopkins and Donald Meeks (bald fellow on the right) in "Port of Wickedness," a 1954 re-release of the "Barbary Coast" (1935), which also starred Edward G. I show lobby cards from this movie at the top of this page and the bottom of this page .

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