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Malaysia’s road fatalities currently stand at 25 deaths per 100,000 population, a value which is higher than India (19.9), Russia (18.6), and China (20.5).But Malaysia’s figure actually puts the country not in the first position, as the Kluang MP asserted, but at 22nd out of 185 countries for having the most dangerous roads in the world.Wallace’s fieldwork and experiences in the Malay Archipelago led him to formulate a theory of evolution through natural selection, and during his travels he shared this with Charles Darwin, who was surprised to find his own thoughts so closely mirrored.While he was still exploring the islands, Wallace’s writings would be published alongside Darwin’s – much to his delight – in the 1858 paper presented to the Linnean Society in London, the first time the theory was presented to the public. This Folio edition brings together a wealth of pictorial material associated with Wallace and the Malay trip: Wallace’s own watercolours and drawings from his notebooks and journals, beautiful natural history paintings of birds, insects, butterflies and plants (many only previously published in 19th-century zoological journals), original photographs, paintings and colour lithographs of local scenes.

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His article cited the 2013 World Health Organization (WHO) report that purportedly showed that Malaysia “has the highest deaths on the road compared to any other nation in the world”.

This index is calculated by dividing the number of road deaths by the total distance traveled by all motor vehicles in the country in a year.

Unfortunately, many countries do not collect such data.

In 1999 he set up the Wallace Memorial Fund, which restored Wallace’s grave in Dorset and paid for several memorials to him, including a bronze statue now in the NHM.

In 2002 he played a key role in helping the NHM acquire the world’s largest and most important collection of Wallace’s manuscripts and books from Wallace’s grandsons.

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