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She not only interviewed three lovers about their open relationship, she attended their sex party.She weighed feminist theories about pornography, then witnessed a filming.Then I had to ask myself: Why does that freak me out? So then I went back and thought about all the teaching I had gotten from feminism, from older ideas, from Christian morality about what was wrong about pornography.What did it mean to be turned on by images that do not represent the sex you want to have or the world you want to live in or the gender dynamics you think are right?“If you’re trying to write the most honest book possible, you have to come from a place of subjectivity.” Witt, 35, who graduated from South High School, also discussed language’s role in today’s sexual culture, the safe space created by live webcams and how pornography surprised her.The conversation has been edited for length and clarity. A: I always just assumed my life would be like my parents’ life.It suddenly was apparent to me that the kind of person I had seen myself as was actually just a story I was telling myself — that there were other ways to be, other ways to consider and explore. It just seemed to me one of the most urgent questions of being alive right now and something on the mind of a lot of my friends.

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And pornography, like the live webcam space, it is a place where you can go and consider and name and have to come up with search terms for what activates responses in your body.

She not only reported on orgasmic meditation, she tried it out.

“I came to understand that in writing about sexuality, if you’re just writing about other people, there’s something always kind of clinical about it and abstract,” Witt said in a recent interview.

Q: You showed a similar surprise or change in your thinking about pornography.

You had never really watched it, but it’s clear you were familiar with the feminist debate around it.

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