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Add to Favorites Free Registration Tutorial Videos Contest New Today New This Week Articles Gun Appraisals Affiliate Programs Free Targets FAQ's - Contact US Gun Links Click here to tell a friend about us. Click for more info Serial number 2560801 indicates rceiver production January 1944. 30-06 Cal; good bore, fair stock, 24'' barrel, M1D variation with Civilain Marksmanhip Program certificate of authenticity. Trying to pin down a Jewelry Manufacturer or date of Manufacture? The only mark evident is the SSL on the bridge of the frames. Can anyone help identify the G14K maker's mark / origin of this large pendant I would be grateful for any information on the maker / origin of this 14K pendant/amulet.This is now a Paid Antique Jewelry/Hallmark opinion service. The comments, opinions and Jewelry rants, should Not be used for valuation purposes. I found a rope chain with 15c on it as well as these 3 hallmarks.. Hi, I'm hoping to track down any information (date, maker name , etc) about a gold signet / seal ring that I inherited. Weird K and Arabic script hallmark on Art Nouveau 14k or 18K solid gold diamond ring I have a natural diamond cluster ring that has an antique Art Nouveau appearance.Maybe not everyone was as disappointed as it seemed.So in evaluating the GLOCK 42, talking about it being “only” a .380 – and the fact that it’s not made in the caliber “everyone” really wanted – is pretty much beside the point. Click for more info This Springfield - Grand , 30.06, Ser No. Click for more info 30-06 cal; excellent bore, excellent stock, 24'' barrel, US Navy Trophy rifle in shipping box with paperwork and new leather sling. The rifle has all the accoutrements, including the original shipping container. Click for more info Springfield M1 Garand .30-06 SPRG caliber rifle. Click for more info Springfield M1 Garand 30-06 caliber rifle.

If your question is not directly related to Antique Gold Hallmarks Ask your question at the most appropriate forum at Jewelry Help Central... It has a green tinge to it measures just over 3 inches by … Click for more info CMP SPRINGFIELD IS A FIELD GRADE M1D SNIPPER RIFLE. Click for more info Springfield M1-D Korean War Manufactured with 1952 Barrel Date. This rifle was purchased from the DCM / CMP many years ago and the collector has since pas ... The muzzle has no flaring or belling from grenade launchers. Click for more info Springfield M1C Garand .30-06 Sprg caliber rifle. DOCUMENTATION OF HIS EMPLOYMENT IS IN THE PICTURE SECTION. Click for more info Springfield Armory National Match. National Match rifle with all correct National Match parts and bedded stock. Click for more info Springfield M1 Tanker model For Sale.

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