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About 700 people have already invested, El-Batrawi says, with individual investments ranging from a single share purchase to 0,000.

El-Batrawi says repeatedly that the ads target only professional, savvy investors who watch business-news channels like Fox Business and CNBC during the day.

"We are moving along in pretty good shape," he said.

But while Yay Yo aggressively solicits investors on TV, the company's products are far from ready, and some of his claims don't seem to stand up.

There are actually two kinds of Regulation A offerings.

In Tier 1, a company can raise up to million from investors in a year.

Yay Yo said it is planning a beta in the next couple of weeks. The Yay Yo spot boils down to this pitch: You probably missed out on investing in Uber and Lyft before they made investors millionaires.

And as part of the rules, there are fewer requirements and regulations for companies like Yay Yo than if it were to do a full-fledged IPO.You can find much more information about your privacy choices in our privacy policy.Even if you choose not to have your activity tracked by third parties for advertising services, you will still see non-personalized ads on our site.Later, El-Batrawi said the company never got Lyft's cease-and-desist order, and Bob Vanech, a Yay Yo board member, said it has some "clever strategies" to deal with the fact that Uber and Lyft are denying companies like Yay Yo access to their information. But the moment we start launching and generating revenue, which is not far along, our valuation is so much lower than what you would consider what Uber and Lyft is and everybody else." The IPO, with a share price of , already values the company at 0 million.Yay Yo plans to partner with ride-hailing companies "three through 100," he said. "You might never have thought you'd be able to have a chance to invest in the new millennium movement of ridesharing," O'Hurley says infomercial-style to prospective investors in Yay Yo's ad announcing its IPO.

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