Secrets of dating a man

He’d be bored fairly quickly trying to live that type of existence and this would make him miserable.

The Gemini man can often be seen juggling multiple jobs, hobbies, or projects.

Even if you know that he’s going to pick you; allowing him the time to see the good things about you and why he’d want to settle down with you is a good thing.

It may seem to take forever but in the end; it gives him a bit of security.

He doesn’t like anyone dictating what his life should or shouldn’t be.

He cannot be hurried into something he isn’t sure of.

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He’ll be drawn to you so much more for you doing your own thing and not asking for permission from anyone. If you really like him and you want to date him or become something more serious; you’ll have to allow him the time he feels he needs to decide.Any sort of routine or plan will feel that way to them which is pressure. They are free-flowing people who want their lives to be as easy and enjoyable as possible.They often have many projects or hobbies going on in order to make sure they maintain a level of excitement in their lives. He often dates around to get a feel for what is out there for them.He wants a woman who is capable of helping herself but can appreciate his help when she can get it.This makes him more appreciative of you when you’re appreciative of him.

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