Scott disick dating kim kardashian

"He goes, 'You better watch your back.'""This is not going to end well," a worried Kim says.

At the start of the episode, Scott asked Kris if he could accompany her to Fashion Week in New York City, to have some fun on the East Coast.

After confirming that they were, in fact, a couple – which led to Kris gently chiding him over their 15-year age difference – Scott got uncharacteristically reserved and uncomfortable."Kris really is like my mom to me, so I don’t ever feel like she’s putting me on the spot," Scott told the camera.

"But I don’t really feel comfortable talking to her about my personal or dating life."When Kris asked if Scott was planning on bringing Sofia around for the rest of the family to meet, Scott said it would be too "bizarre.""Are you, like, hanging out with Kourtney’s friend?

"Maybe down the line, but right now, my biggest thing is just being respectful of everybody."However, Scott also opened up about how important it was to him to see Kris taking a legitimate interest in his life, and care about his health and happiness."To see that Kris is invested in my life means the world to me, because she’s got so many other kids and so many other things going on," Scott said in a solo interview.

"So the fact that she actually worries, loves and cares about me is probably one of the best feelings I have." airs Sundays at 9 p.m. RELATED CONTENT: Scott Disick Had No Idea Kim Kardashian Was Having a Third Kid -- Watch!

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