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A MAP OF PENNSYLVANIA EXHIBITING NOT ONLY THE IMPROVED PARTS OF THAT PROVINCE BUT ALSO ITS EXTENSIVE FRONTIERS: Laid down from actual surveys and chiefly from the late map of W. The 'peace' in the title refers to the French & Indian war which ended circa 1763. BRITISH AMERICA, bounded and divided as proposed by the author of American Independence. John Cartwright was the author of American Independence, published in London 1775, and this is one of the earliest maps addressing the topic. The map also appeared in William Faden's North American Atlas published in 1777, which is the image shown here from the Library of Congress. John Montresor was an officer in the British Army and its chief engineer in America.

Scull published in 1770; and humbly inscribed to the Honourable Thomas Penn and Richard Penn... The state extends to the 43rd parallel and includes Delaware as a county. Longitude is west from London at bottom, west from Ferro at top. It shows the familiar region from Newfoundland to a cutoff Florida and west to the Mississippi. He was a friend of the famous painter John Singleton Copley, a Loyalist, who did a portrait of him now in the Detroit Institute of Arts.

D'ANVILLE IMPROVED WITH THE ENGLISH SURVEYS MADE SINCE THE PEACE, London printed for Robt Sayer & J. 53 Fleet Street, as the act directs 10 June 1775 (Mc Corkle #775.2). The table mentioned covers a large portion of the map and is titled Evan's Polymetric Table of America. This map is a later version of D'Anville's original 1755 map. The main map covers the eastern United States from Newfoundland to a cutoff Florida and to beyond the Mississippi. THE THEATRE OF WAR, IN THE PROVINCES OF MASSACHUSETS-BAY, CONNECTICUT, NEW-YORK, NEW-JERSEY, PENSILVANIA, MARILAND, VIRGINIA &C.

The map is printed on two sheets joined along the vertical centerline. Cartwright carves out some fanciful states on his map in addition to the original thirteen, most with Indian names. In the portrait Montresor holds a copy of Field Engineer, a textbook of the time. This map of the midwest appears in Santini's Atlas universel, Paris 1776, and is a companion to map 1776.4 below. The map extends to 40 south, so a slice of southern Pennsylvania does not appear.

This map, of the familiar region from Newfoundland to Florida and west to the Mississippi, was orginally published as a broadside with three columns of text below the map. containing Virginia, Maryland, the Delaware Counties, Pennsylvania and New Jersey...; with a title above the border THE SEAT OF WAR IN THE MIDDLE BRITISH COLONIES, CONTAINING VIRGINIA, MARYLAND, THE DELAWARE COUNTIES &CA. Franckfurt am Mayn, zu finden in der Iaegernschen Buchhandlung 1776. A map to illustrate the Revolutionary War from Johann Christian Jaeger's Handbook.

which comprehends the Province of Quebec, the Government of Newfoundland, Nova-Scotia, New-England and New-York...; with a title above the border THE SEAT OF WAR IN THE NORTHERN COLONIES, CONTAINING THE PROVINCE OF QUEBEC, NEWFOUNDLAND, NOVA-SCOTIA, NEW-ENGLAND, NEW-YORK, NEW-JERSEY, PENNSYLVANIA, &CA. A GENERAL MAP OF THE MIDDLE BRITISH COLONIES IN AMERICA. All of Pennsylvania is shown, and the southeastern portion is included in a detail from the map in Ristow. SCHAUPLATZ DES KRIEGS ZWISCHEN ENGELLAND UND SEINEN COLLONIEN IN AMERICA nach rightigen Carten gezeichnet und in diese Form gebracht von I: C: Iaeger. Mc Corkle #776.23 A MAP OF THE MIDDLE BRITISH COLONIES IN NORTH AMERICA. Lewis Evans, of Philadelphia, in 1755; and since corrected and improved, as also extended, with the addition of New England, and bordering parts of Canada, from actual surveys now lying at the Board of Trade. Printed & published according to Act of Parliament for J.

It ended a search dating back nearly two weeks."Esterly was placed into custody by Mexican authorities.

Amy is unharmed and in good health," states a release from Allentown police.

See Sellers & van Ee #1353-60, 1363-65,1372-73; Docktor #280H5. This undated and anonymous map is thought to be from the Gentleman's Magazine, London, circa 1775, although the general appearance could date it to the 1760's. Its source and exact dating are not known, but it is probably circa 1775, when Cary would have been around 20 years old, and may be from a later edition of John Entick's The General History of the Late War, first published in 1766, and also in 17. The map shows the eastern United States and southern Canada south to a cutoff Florida and west to beyond the Mississippi. The title would imply that Philadelphia was more important than the entire state of New Jersey, which was probably true at the time.

- A 45-year-old man who allegedly ran off to Mexico with a 16-year-old Allentown girl has been arrested and the girl he was with located by authorities, according to Allentown police.

Kevin Esterly and Amy Yu were both taken into custody Saturday, according to Allentown police.

The western and southern boundaries are marked Q, R, S, for example. A NEW & ACCURATE MAP OF NORTH AMERICA; from the best authorities.

A diagonal line runs from the Susquehanna R to Lake Erie P.

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