School rumble dating sim

It’s your duty to get Ayame and Iruka to gain up on pleasure points.

Be careful not to hit too hard, they might end up pretty bruised up.

In Auto mode just keep clicking the Faster button on top to continue the steamy action.

Ayame’s Pleasure Instructions: In this naruto hentai game, you get to whack the butt and legs of the sexy ramen girl.

The games are notable in the dating sim genre for being highly nonlinear.

Their nickname amongst their fans is the contraction Toki Memo.

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Dates are frequent but very brief, with usually only one multiple-choice question to determine whether your partner's love meter will increase or decrease.

One playthrough lasts for a fixed period of three years of high school (on the order of 5–10 hours of play), at the end of which the character with the highest love meter confesses their love.

Naruto’s Rage Instructions: In this well made naruto hentai game you play as the kyuubi and must fuck the hell out of sakura to feed his lust. Click and hold on the red circle and spin you mouse round and round.

Sakura Deep Throat Instructions: You’ll get a choice to play as Naruto, Sasuke, or Kakashi Sensei.

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