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I loved my father and mother and felt this 'special bond' made us closer as a family.

My eighteenth birthday, June 1, fell on a Friday that year, so that evening when I walked into my parents' bedroom, they had already undressed, and were completely nude.

Her mother would start by undressing the young woman, and then 'comfort' her daughter while her husband 'did the deed'.

In my case, I found the 'ceremony' to be romantic as well as religious.

She explained why my body was changing and told me it would eventually look much like hers.When I asked my mother why I was feeling that way, she said it was 'puppy love'.Fred left four months later when the project ended, but I never forgot this man who was fifteen years older than me, married, and had two little girls of his own, or the 'feelings' he had awakened in me.* My name is Sherry Thomas, and I grew up Pekin Illinois.My father had worked for the C&IM Railroad since he graduated high school, but also made extra money renting houses he had bought over the years, to construction workers, transients, and the less affluent people in town.

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