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Evacuation of Allied soldiers from the British Empire, and France, who were cut off and surrounded by the German army from the beaches and harbor of Dunkirk, France, between May 26- June 04, 1940, during Battle of France in World War II.

Continuing his advocacy for film over digital formats, Christopher Nolan chose to shoot the movie in a combination of 65/70mm IMAX film and Super Panavision 65mm film in order to achieve the maximum possible image quality.

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See more » Is this a scam, or has the capacity to be critical been lost due to the very sensitive and emotional subject of the film. How could this momentous and dramatic event in our recent history be presented with so little means and ambition ?

From books and historical reports, the boarding was a mess, planes were all over the sky, there were myriads of boats and ships, the beach were left with tons of discarded equipment and weapons... How can you give an idea of what it must have been with only a few sparking clean vintage planes, one small war ship, 12 period fishing or leisure boats...

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