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Could you try to replace the control with the ASPx Check Box control? By the way, I see that you use the "my Clients" object. Scott Mitchell February 2007 Download the code for this sample.But this edit form design seems really complicated and not at all intuitive. When the edit form displays if the "Comment" field from my database is null then the textbox on the edit form will not allow entry and it's size is 1 character.

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To accommodate this level of flexibility, the Grid View offers the Template Field, which renders using a template.I have a break on the Sub statement for the Row Updating handler ... The Edit and Cancel buttons fire the Row Command event, however, the Update button does not. No breakpoint was triggered when I hit the Update button. I truly appreciate all the suggestions you've given. This is becoming so frustrating it's getting almost comical. Breakpoints were triggered for the Row Editing and Row Command. Or what if we wanted to display the data using a Web control other than the Check Box, Image, Hyper Link, or Button?Furthermore, the Bound Field limits its display to a single data field.

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