Rowupdating in gridview in vb net

Ok the reason why you aren't losing data is because you are only doing your Data Bind in your Page Load event the first time the page is loaded (if ! This way your data is not getting over written when the user-provided-edit-data is posted back to the server.

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I've never actually used the Sql Data Source before. So, you need to populate the object that you are going to use as your data source at some point in your page life cycle.If I want to access the method in which we define update query, how can I access that method on aspx page & update the data in a grid view without direct use of an query on aspx page under sql data source?What you would have to do is implement a method that handles the Grid View. In this method you will have to retrieve the data from the row that is updating and use this data to update your database.:) -Frinny @Frinavale Frinny I send You a code , By the way You are so senior & i respect each & every word which you are writing for me....I am just new ,so i m eager to know what is the problem actually . I just need your help Thats it This is a lot easier to understand!

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