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To a trained ear, Intrabartolo’s music is just as unique as the music of Bill Finn (Falsettos, Spelling Bee, A New Brain) or Adam Guettel (Floyd Collins, The Light in the Piazza).The open fifths are musically and emotionally ambiguous, missing the note that defines major or minor, so that they convey neither happiness or sadness. Structurally, Intrabartolo uses the vocabulary of opera – arias, recitative, leitmotifs and themes, choral work, lots of complex counterpoint, and more – but all within the harmonic and melodic world of American pop and rock.

It’s the one of most advanced uses yet of the kind of extended musical scene Oscar Hammerstein pioneered back in the 1920s in Show Boat and in the 1940s in the classic Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals.

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Unlike conventional theatre scores, in the bare score phrases aren’t always in multiples of four bars; many songs do not end on the tonic chord (the way almost all Western music does); Intrabartolo loves using ambiguous, "emo rock" open-fifth chords; and he often screws around with the rules of harmonic progressions, surprising our ears but never so much that our ears rebel.

To the untrained ear, the score just sounds like great pop music.

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