Rodrigo santoro dating jennifer lopez dana jacobson dating

The first episode of the drama, which is a remake of a 1973 film of the same name about a Wild West theme park populated by artificial beings, aired last night.Now as well as thoroughly enjoying it because of the great acting and script 'n' all that, we rather enjoyed it because of lovely, handsome Rod too.Even though JLo met the actor Wesley Snipes when filming a sex scene she later publicly called "horrible," she went on to date Snipes briefly after filming wrapped, this time keeping showcasing a bit more demure '90s fashion.Long before JLo's first husband Ojani Noa threatened to release a sex tape of her last year, the pair met in a Cuban restaurant where he was a waiter, making for a year-long marriage that saw JLo in body con dresses and blue eye shadow while he opted for hot pink button-ups.

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Jennifer Lynn Lopez or known as Jennifer Lopez is a popular and beauty American singer. Jennifer Lopez career has spanned more than two decades and today she is one of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities.Alex, also known as A-Rod, is a multi-millionaire major league baseball player who plays for the New York Yankees team.One of the most celebrated names in the sport, Alex has dated celebrities such as Madonna and Cameron Diaz in the past.The pair earned their $$$, working into the wee hours of the early morn, taking to the streets and having a nice time together when the cameras weren't even rolling. Lo was all silly-nilly with her costar, sticking her tongue out at him and goofing around. You'd never know that someone in this scenario is getting a divorce!

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