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This includes a rather heated debate by experts on both sides of the authenticity argument, followed by the author's direct and often pointed reply to their comments.

However, it provides a great perspective on the nature of Shroud science itself and I am pleased to be able to make it available to you. A special word of thanks to the University of Chicago Press for giving me permission to reprint it on this website and Maurizio Marinelli for digitizing the text and images. Autopsia sobre el Hombre de la Sbana Santa - En Español This paper was first presented at the May 1997 Nice Symposium in Nice, France, and can also be reached via the "Shroud Conferences & Symposia" page of this website.

Here is the Abstract: "We performed reproducible atomic resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy and Wide Angle X-ray Scanning Microscopy experiments studying for the first time the nanoscale properties of a pristine fiber taken from the Turin Shroud.

Please review our Submission Requirements for detailed instructions. But With Mixed Cards by Emanuela Marinelli - English translation of Contro la Sindone. This is a link to Emanuela's in depth review of Shroud skeptic Andrea Nicolotti's Italian language book, Sindone - Storia e leggende di una reliquia controversa - Einaudi Storia, 2015 - Emanuela's review is available in both English and Italian languages at the above links.

A few cotton fiber were found to be mixed with flax ones.

Moreover, many mineral particles are compatible with the Jerusalem soil." [Editor's Note: Since it is impossible to determine the actual provenance of any particles found in the dusts aspirated from between the Shroud and the Holland Cloth in 1978 (are they from the Shroud, the backing cloth or somewhere else?

Analysis of micro-particles vacuumed from the Turin Shroud by Irene Calliari and Caterina Canovaro - MATEC Web of Conferences 36, published by EDP Sciences, 2015.

Here is the Abstract: "The results of some Turin Shroud particles (3 to 30 µm) examination are presented.

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