Red flags for abusive dating relationships

They’ll talk around the issue instead of addressing it in a direct manner.

They storm off to avoid confrontation only to return later as if nothing happened.

Fact: This is a non-negotiable component of a strong partnership.

If your partner seems as if they’re up to no good, they very well might be.

If your partner’s gentle “how was your day” turns to much more invasive questions like “who were you with” or “what time did you go to the store/what time did you leave the store,” they may be exhibiting overly-possessive behaviors.Relationships can make us want to explain away or even deny uneasy feelings, but these red flags should never be ignored.Everyone gets angry sometimes, it’s the frequency and severity of your partner’s reactions that should act as a guide for your concerns.Maybe you found a relationship that worked in all the right ways: the two of you are compatible, have a strong network of friends, have a great sex life, and genuinely enjoy each other’s company. If all of this feel-goodness seems to vaporize over night, you have a red flag on your hands.There are 100 reasons your partner’s persona can shift, even dramatically.

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