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The idea for You Don't Know Jack began while That's a Fact, Jack! The game's title comes from the less vulgar version of the phrase «You don't know jack shit.» Jellyvision's website has this explanation as to why You Don't Know Jack was made: «Way back in the early 90s, Jellyvision decided to test the waters of mainstream interactive entertainment by beginning a partnership with Berkeley Systems, of»Flying Toasters" fame.Berkeley Systems asked us if we could apply the concepts of a game show to an adult trivia game.», a reading motivation CD-ROM game show series covering young adult fiction, targeted to 3rd through 10th graders.The game would give a title for a child to read, and then ask questions related to that title.(The game can be played with up to four players on the tabletop version and the console versions of «YDKJ-2011».The 2011 PC version is limited to two players.) All versions of the game feature the voice of an off-screen host who reads questions aloud, provides instructions regarding special question types, and pokes fun at the players. The game usually opens with a green room segment, in which the players are prompted to enter their names and given instructions for play.While primarily a PC and Mac-based franchise with over two dozen releases and compilations for those platforms, there have been a few entries released for consoles: two for the original Play Station, and the 2011 release which had versions on the Xbox 360, Play Station 3, Nintendo DSand Wii.

Most versions of YDKJ offer the choice of playing a 7- or 21-question game; some versions offer only 15 questions (Netshow, LFF, 5th Dementia, Mock 2), and others offer only 13 questions (The Ride), 11 questions (Head Rush, «YDKJ-2011»), or 7 questions (The Lost Gold).

In The Ride, instead of just forcing an opponent to answer, players engage in «Flak Jack», where they launch multiple screws into the screen, partially or totally obscuring the question.

The player being «screwed» must then answer, even though the question may no longer be readable. In the previous games, different category options were worth differing amounts of money, which was revealed after a category was chosen.

Instead of random questions, players 'buzz in' to set the amount of money the question is worth.

Values could range from only a few hundred dollars to ,000 or more.

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