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Increasing engagement is good for the individual, good for the organization, and good for the client or customer. Larry Richard will show how identifying and cultivating your workplace strengths can powerfully boost engagement.

Drawing on findings from the Gallup organization and other prominent strengths researchers, he will teach you the principles behind the Clifton Strengths Assessment (CSA) (formerly the Gallup Strengths Finder), and share 4 principles that deliver astounding results.

The session will cover: Blockchain is generating lots of buzz, but is it real?

And does blockchain really matter for our daily work?

Westpac provides a broad range of consumer, business and institutional banking and wealth management services through a portfolio of financial services brands and businesses.

Leading law firms are hiring pricing professionals, leveraging data and tools to scope and staff matters more effectively, and are beginning to dive deep into the concept of "value" to determine what to charge for their services to maximize margins and profits.

Steve and Paul will explain Cisco's legal operational excellence stack (use of the network, Design Thinking, Metrics, process design, playbooks, document automation, aligned fee structures, dashboards, right size mix of elite and lower cost resources, etc) and show you the basic 'hack' of applying those to your next M&A deal.

Jump-starting legal ops value in a measurable way - without having to host rotating change management seminars - can make everyone in the company happy and you a success.

As Steve likes to say, 'it's not about the clubs, it's your swing.'" This is an excellent session to kick-off your CLOC Institute as a framework for all the learning to follow.

We will also cover how to approach goals, common GC priorities, and how to size and staff your org to accomplish what you have committed to accomplishing.

Join Frances Pomposo, Legal Ops Director at Workday and Jennifer Mc Carron, Head of Legal Technology at Spotify as they offer best practices and frameworks drawn from their ops and tech experience from startups to scale.

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