Quaternary dating methods wiki

There is evidence of an early migration event 268,000 BCE within Neanderthal genetics, however the earliest dating for modern human inhabitation is 118,000 BCE in Arabia, China and Israel, and 71,000 BCE in Indonesia.

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Evidence supporting the prehistoric overkill hypothesis includes the persistence of certain island megafauna for several millennia past the disappearance of their continental cousins.The Quaternary period saw the extinctions of numerous predominantly megafaunal species, which resulted in a collapse in faunal density and diversity, and the extinction of key ecological strata across the globe.The most prominent event in the Late Pleistocene is differentiated from previous Quaternary pulse extinctions by the widespread absence of ecological succession to replace these extinct species, and the regime shift of previously established faunal relationships and habitats as a consequence.The extinctions in the Americas entailed the elimination of all the larger (over 1000 kg) mammalian species of South American origin, including those that had migrated north in the Great American Interchange.Only in the continents of Australia, North America, and South America did the extinction occur at family taxonomic levels or higher.

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