Propertygrid not updating

There are On Async Processing Started and On Async Processing Completed events in this example.

Now you can handle these events in the view and force the grid to stop/start listening for data updates before/after asynchronous data modifications.

(37 printed pages) Introducing the Property Grid Control Creating a Property Grid Control Where to Use the Property Grid Control Selecting an Object Customizing the Property Grid Control Displaying Complex Properties Providing a Custom UI for Your Properties Conclusion If you have used Microsoft® Visual Basic® or Microsoft Visual Studio . " Private _max Repeat Rate As Integer = 10 Private _items In MRU As Integer = 4 Private _settings Changed As Boolean = False Private _app Version As String = "1.0" _ Public Property Max Repeat Rate() As Integer Get Return _max Repeat Rate End Get Set(By Val Value As Integer) _max Repeat Rate = Value End Set End Property _ Public Property Settings Changed() As Boolean Get Return _settings Changed End Get Set(By Val Value As Boolean) _settings Changed = Value End Set End Property _ Public Property App Version() As String Get Return _app Version End Get Set(By Val Value As String) _app Version = Value End Set End Property End Class //C# [Default Property Attribute("Save On Close")] public class App Settings class, compile and run the application.

NET then you have used a property browser to browse, view, and edit the properties of one or more objects. NET Framework Property Grid control is core to the property browser that is in Visual Studio . The Property Grid control displays properties for any object or type, and it retrieves the item's properties, primarily using reflection. The following screen shot shows how it should look. Properties displayed with categories and default values in the Property Grid After working with this version of the options window, you might notice the following things: So far, the options window has displayed simple types like integers, Booleans, and strings. What if your application needs to track something like window size, document font, or toolbar color? NET Framework have special display abilities that help make them more usable in the Property Grid.

Let's suppose that your data is being updated on another thread, by the timer in this example.

You should take a special action to correctly reflect those changes in the grid - wrap them inside Begin Data Update/End Data Update calls.

This service will have access to the Grid Control in the View, and will contain the required Begin Update and End Update methods.If you are compiling your code from the command line, use the /reference option and specify System. Regular) Private _toolbar Color As Color = System Colors. Here is a partial list: For the options window in this example the toolbar is not needed, so set Toolbar Visible to false. To change how some properties are displayed, you can apply different attributes to the properties.When using the MVVM pattern, it is not possible to call grid's methods directly from the view model.Your view model can provide additional events to expose such changes of its state to the view.

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