Problem after updating to ios 7

Common factors that are tied to microphone issues on the i Phone are cellular connection errors, rogue apps, and damaged microphone component on your device.You may try to test each microphone to find out if there is an issue with the microphone on your i Phone and that the problem is not associated with any cellular connection errors or faulty applications.If you own the same device and are here because you need help dealing with the same problem, then this post is for you. There can only be two possibilities that you need to look into in this case.Either your i Phone’s microphone system is glitching or the physical microphone (hardware) itself is damaged.This can potentially fix the problem especially if it’s triggered by some system bugs.On the other hand, a DFU mode restore is the highest type of i OS restore you can do if the problem persists after a factory reset.

Aside from losing critical information, you may likewise end up having a totally dysfunctional i Phone if a DFU mode restore gets interrupted or not successfully completed due to hardware damage.If you are having any issues with your i Phone or i Pad let us know.There have been reports of not being able to connect to the Wi Fi network, the Touch Screen freezing or buttons becoming unresponsive, Message autocorrect madness, problems with the mic on i Phone 7 models running i OS 11.3.One of the relatively common issues with both old and new i Phones is a busted microphone.In this post, I will walk you through the steps in fixing a microphone that is not working on an i Phone 7.

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