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"Because of the wonderful, eccentric television persona he created, people feel that they knew him and forget that the poetry is full of gloom, melancholia and death." Betjeman went to school during the First World War.

Each morning, the headmaster would read out the names of the old boys who had been killed, using the nicknames of favourites.

"There's no 'hello clouds, hello sky' in the Wordsworthian tradition, or even in the William Blake sort of way.

"Betjeman's poems are actually located in the sort of associations that place has for our feelings.

He sniggered behind his napkin (or should one say serviette? The programme begins with a montage featuring some of its subject's many and much-loved TV appearances, casting in a nostalgic light that frothy white hair, the silly golf swing, the yearning gaze through the window of the rattling railway train and - of course - that beautiful scrunch-eyed giggle.

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But then," he pauses, "Betjeman always had a certain cache because he was funny, wasn't he.The buttered-crumpets world of his early childhood was slipping away before he could savour it, Britain was changing at a frightening speed and the young Betjeman was, as Rhys Jones says, "already thinking nostalgically at prep school.He liked hymns, Victorian architecture and Tennyson." Interestingly, his poetic voice became fixed at an early age and it's almost impossible to distinguish early poems from those written decades later. "He was terribly learned, but he didn't want learned to be boring," says Rhys Jones."And anyway, I know more about the poetry."The mission was to defend Betjeman's work from those who would file it under "twee and trivial".Rhys Jones thinks "he needs to be rescued from two images. "And second, that he's a sort of Bertie Wooster of poets, that it's all about spats and varsity and therefore it's all terribly light and associated with posh people in boaters.

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