Priority mail international tracking not updating carbon 14 rock dating depends on carbons

I sometimes sell teapots and other small items on ebay.But most of them are around so I haven’t been worrying too much.So I would like to hear from more people and learn what your experience is! first class international is unreliable and inconsistent. True, the tracking really is unreliable and transit time is not consistent, but it has always arrived.

What frustrates me the most is, the tracking shows it’s in our local postal office even after the package arrives in destination country after a few weeks.I hadn’t paid much attention on the online tracking but if I had, I could get super nervous about the packages that are showed to stay on the US side forever :-p I agree, and let me just add that for an international tea shopper, all other shipping options are just too expensive for me to make it worth my while to buy the tea.If the cost of shipping equals or surpasses the cost of the package – I’m out. Unfortunately your friend will probably lose out unless the buyer is honest about getting the item. I filed a request to search for it and after a certain number of days they found nothing so I filed for a refund and they sent me a check for the cost of the item plus the cost of postage. Notes 0 of insurance is included in Priority Mail Express service.has improved their services and now the sender gets a copy of the shipping label with a tracking number.

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