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The Portland Leather Alliance held its 12th annual Kinkfest in March.

But Oregon also contains activists from both the right and left who believe the state's laws have nurtured a toxic environment for women and families.

"It's more about making a connection than it is about seduction." Viva was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. Viva admits she doesn't care for the one-on-one table dancing that gets her most of the 0 to 0 she earns in a four-hour shift.

"Those Oregon pioneers were pretty lusty, rough-and-tumble people," says Lewis & Clark Law School constitutional law professor Steven Kanter. So while the latter document balances the freedom of speech with the public's interest in restricting certain behaviors, Oregon's constitution -- particularly Article 1, Section 8, regarding speech and expression -- speaks in absolute terms.

The state constitution deliberately guarantees more sweeping rights than the U. "They decided obscenity was protected," Kanter says.

The woman who calls herself Viva Las Vegas (real name: Liv Osthus, 35) sits in her kimono at Mary's Club in downtown Portland.

She talks about art and sociology, and about French philosopher Michel Foucault, particularly his theory that the most disdainful talk about sex can reveal intense obsessions.

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