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What Charlie couldn’t have known, because Heathcote, who has a track record of breakdowns and erratic behaviour, didn’t explain, was that his mother had just died.Instead, believing he had been rejected again, Charlie binged on a cocktail of Valium, whisky and LSD before heading into London for the student protests, and the consequences became headline news.Now 25, he has since finished his degree and become a journalist and campaigner for The Howard League for Penal Reform.His articles have included polemics about the dehumanising impact of being locked up for up to 23 hours a day, the desperation he witnessed in his fellow inmates, one of whom later committed suicide, and the need for change.‘It was horrible, and as a parent you go from thinking, “This is the one thing I am good at,” to, “How can that be true if your child goes to prison?” But he always says it was much harder for me than it was for him.’As for Heathcote, there has been no rapprochement – ‘God, no,’ says Polly – but the best outcome of all is that Charlie is no longer churned up about him. He loves David, David loves him and they have a fantastic relationship.Charlie’s personal crisis centred on his relationship with his biological father, the poet and actor Heathcote Williams, who walked out on Polly when Charlie was a baby.

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As guitarist and co-lead vocalist of Pink Floyd, he is one of the most successful musicians of all time (his career spans six decades and has earned him an estimated £85 million).

They met when Charlie was 13 and again after he became a history student at Girton College, Cambridge.

‘Charlie went to see him and they got on well, but then, as had happened before, Heathcote cut off all contact,’ Polly recalls.

She is an acclaimed lyricist and author, whose much-anticipated fourth book is about to be published.

They have been married – happily so – for more than 20 years, and divide their time between this vast six-storey stucco mansion, a rambling farmhouse in the Sussex countryside and a mews house in London.

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