Parental involvement in dating

In order for a young man to be ready for marriage in a practical sense, he must be able and willing to support a family.

Many young people begin romantic relationships prematurely.Sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, suicide, and murder are among the progeny of premature romance.Children in their early teens are simply too young to handle both the physical and the emotional side of a romantic relationship.Every bride and groom say to each other, at least implicitly, that they "love each other with all their heart." Little pieces of one’s heart are given away each time a romance of any magnitude has blossomed.But when my oldest daughter, Christy, and [her fianc] Rich walk the aisle in August, their promise to love with all their hearts will be literally true since neither has ever had another love. The third principle of courtship is implicit in the first two principles—parents must be involved in the courtship process.

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