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Para Chat Event is ideal for virtually any short-term online event so that VIPs can interact live with interested parties. Our support team encourages users to keep their computer software up to date by posting information in our Facebook and Twitter pages about updates to peripheral applications. If you missed their updates this week, please note that Google released Chrome 35 and Apple released Safari 7.0.4 for Mac OS X.Browser updates are arriving faster than ever, and there is usually a very good reason for that.Since 2008, however, the number of sites that don't offer a live chat solution seems to outweigh the number that do -- certainly within the customer/member areas it is quite rare not to find this option. Not only do we license Para Chat Live Help software to other web sites, we gladly use it in all sections of our site.Our main web site, knowledgebase, and documentation all offer a chance to chat live with a Para Chat representative.Not that we needed any convincing, but like any site that offers this service to its customers, members and visitors, we find it indispensable.If visitors are reluctant chatters, Para Chat Live Help not only includes automatic Prospect Detection to automatically invite visitors to chat, but allows your agents to proactively engage visitors based on their visible visit history.That allows for some non-traditional utilization of the application, and for some creativity.

What's more, even though we love offering a convenient, easy-to-use method for communicating with our visitors, we glean first-hand usability knowledge that we pass directly into the hands of developers, and into our Para Chat Live Help customer base as well. A handy attribute of Para Chat Live Help is that live chat is encrypted over HTTPS.

You can see if they have visited your listings before, and if so, use the Prospect Detection feature to automatically invite them to a live chat, or proactively engage them instantly to drive the sale home.

Para Chat Live Help deters fraudulent sales because you can see the IP address and geographic location of every visitor.

When the Pay Pal receipt has a Texas address, and the buyer is geographically located in The Ivory Coast, you know you've got a potential problem.

Make every sale a smooth sale by KNOWING your remote customer.

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