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When President Nixon entered a recording area, the beeper he carried signaled the recorder to switch to a record/pause mode.The tape machines began recording whenever microphones picked up any sound.Private and personal materials relate solely to Nixon's family and certain of his non-governmental activities.According to the PRMPA, NARA was required to return to the Nixon estate (Nixon died in 1994) conversations concerning purely personal matters.Reviewers describe the conversations in great detail so that users will be able to find and listen to conversations in which they are interested.Editors make the conversations as intelligible as possible without altering the nature of the sound (e.g., Nixon's voice must still sound like Nixon).Nine hundred and fifty tapes, comprising 3,700 hours of listening time, were recorded during the period February 1971–July 1973, the most of any presidency.Of these 3,700 hours of tapes, more than 2,000 hours are publicly available.

In July 1974, after a year of struggle over control of the tapes, the Supreme Court declared that the need for evidence in the Watergate trials outweighed the President's right to keep the tapes private. NARA assumed legal control of the library on July 11, 2007; the tapes and other materials will be transferred there over the next few years.

President Nixon installed the taping system because he wanted his administration to be the "best chronicled" in history. Haldeman, wrote that Nixon wanted to be able to correct accidental and intentional misrepresentations of what had been said during his meetings.

He also wanted an accurate record of his meetings without the inhibiting effect of note-takers. Nixon, who found the presence of note-takers intrusive, also wanted to ensure that accurate translations could later be made of meetings with foreign leaders, and he planned to use the tapes to write his memoirs.

in which surveillance specialist Harry Caul, played by Gene Hackman, discusses a current assignment with his assistant, Stan, played by the late John Cazale.

When Stan suggests that it would be interesting to know what the target of their surveillance, a young couple, is talking about, Caul replies he does not care what they are saying.

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