Oracle updating cursor loop amar music musical dating

END LOOP; COMMIT; END When it is executed the COMMIT I obtain ORA-1002. Thanks, Joan November 11, 2004 - am UTC oh, cool -- 1555 is going to be your very very next issue!! (you do understand you NEED that undo in order for your query to run to completion -- that stuff you are trying to minimize?

you actually *need it*) geez, just size your system appropriately, erase your code, and insert /* append */ into other table select * from tablea; delete from ....; commit; the for update did it -- you lost your locks.

but there isn't any reason on the planet this should be more than three lines of code.

I am trying to update them mm_movie table with the name STK_FLAG that will hold a value * if the sotck is or more. I need to add the column and create a anonymous block that contains a CURSOR FOR LOOP to accomplish this task. Here is my sql DECLARE CURSOR nmovie_qty IS Select value, price from mm_movie FOR UPDATE NOWAIT; lv_stock mm_movie.stk_flag%TYPE; BEGIN FOR rec_prod IN nmovie_qty LOOP IF rec_prod.value March 17, 2005 - am UTC this should not under ANY circumstances be done in code (i hope your teacher is not making you do this procedurally, if so, they are doing a great disservice to everyone).

you "grow" locks in your transaction and you give them all up when the transaction finishes.

I Tom, I Have this PL/SQL in ORACLE 10g (Red Had)....

Is it absolutely essential to use SELECT FOR UPDATE for doing updates in an environment where the same data can be updated by multiple people ?

Is there a way to give SELECT privilege with out FOR UPDATE capability?

March 03, 2004 - am UTC well, it is not "unknow" why it is holding the lock, they've ASKED for it.

Do we care if someone tries to update them at the same time ?

Also, if the result that was to be achieved with a combination of SELECT FOR UPDATE and DELETE CURRENT OF statement could be done in a single delete statement (with a sub-query) can it be error-prone in a multi-user env ?

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