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I know what you’re thinking, this group sounds a lot like Grant’s Cool Logicians don’t they?But there’s one big difference: these guys probably only make up about 10% of the UK dating population and – especially if our Advice site is anything to go by – they’re not a popular group.They’ll date friends of friends, do online dating, go speed dating, and generally get out there.They’re totally ok with dating multiple people at the same time, after all, it’s all about notching those dates up.In 2009, e Harmony opened an office in London to launch e Harmony UK.This article is the first in a series that looks at the differences in dating in Britain and The United States.

But it’s important to remember that our definition of dating differs from the US.A typical realist would like to believe in true love, but life’s hard knocks have chiseled them into a cynical dater.They’ve been on the scene for a while and have decided that as long as they meet someone, they might be ok. They plan their every move with a view to meeting someone.Tell all their friends and family they want to meet someone new 2.Get set up intermittently by aforementioned friends and family, with mixed results 3.

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