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We all like knowing something others may not as it makes us feel significant and special but if your date is quashing your self-worth to elevate his then it is a big red flag that you’re dating Mr Wise Guy.By placing his intelligence higher than yours, he is clearly demonstrating that he is not a balanced individual.When it comes to dating, there is a difference between boasting to put your best foot forward and constant bragging as a way of life.The name dropping Mr Peacock tends to brag about his friends, his possessions, his lifestyle and his status.This man will aim to impress you by taking you on dates to the trendiest or most expensive places.His showing off is often the result of being brought up in either a deprived or abundant household.He rarely returns your calls and it feels like you are always chasing him trying to pin him down.

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This loser date wants what he wants when he wants it and nothing will get in his way, least of all morals or conscience.Mr Wise Guy will never accept that you know more than him on any subject (especially one he knows he is familiar with) and he will correct or argue with you, even on a topic which you consider yourself more knowledgeable and experienced.This man distains authority thinking he is better than authority figures and he quite blatantly ignores accepted protocols and behaviour.If you’ve been hurt in the past or know a friend who has been cheated on then it’s understandable that you might have your guard up.So when that tall, dark, handsome guy catches your eye, how can you tell the difference between an overactive imagination and the red flag warning sign that this man is not the one for you?

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