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At the end of my last stay with Auntie Beryl I had started to think that her daughter Kate and I might get on a bit better.

We had never seen eye to eye but being punished together I thought had maybe changed things between us.

The day dragged on but I managed to stay out of trouble.

That evening during dinner Auntie said was having three friends round the following afternoon.

After lunch her friends started to arrive and I went to my bedroom.

It was such a lovely day they went out into garden and got out the sun chairs.

This had been planned for some time before she realised I would be around. Things were looking up until Auntie reminded me that she wanted me to stay in my room when her friends arrived.

She told me she expected me to stay in my room while they were here; she did not want a repeat of last year when I apparently spoilt the day for them and ended up being punished by them all. The evening was much as the one before with Auntie choosing the most deadly programmes and being unwilling to let Kate or I see what we wanted. I was so bored I offered to do some shopping for her, just to get out and do something.

Then I learnt that her half term was a week later so I was going to be on my own most of the time.If I could get that I could have some fun and the worst that could happen is that I’d get caught.I checked that they were all still in the garden then crept downstairs, filled up the water pistol and came back up to my room. It was obvious from what they were saying they were enjoying relaxing in the sunshine.One of Auntie’s rules meant we had to be up, washed and have tidied our room before coming down for breakfast by 7.30am.I could understand this if I had been going somewhere but after Kate left for school I had nothing to do but read a book or help Auntie Beryl round the house.

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