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The Platte River has also played a significant role in Nebraska’s history.In fact, the state’s name is derived from the Oto Indian word Nebrathka (“Flat Water”), a reference to the Platte. Population (2010) 1,826,341; (2017 est.) 1,920,076. Nebraska comprises parts of two of the United States’ principal physiographic regions—the till plains of the Central Lowland (in the eastern third of the state) and the Great Plains (which makes up the centre of the state).That appears to leave roughly 24,000 Omahans who are single and in their early 30s, but the actual dating number is likely much smaller.For example, many of the single women in their early 30s — the women in John's potential dating pool — are in serious, monogamous relationships. The dating pool also gets shallower if the dater chooses to drain some of the water. Just something, anything, that they get excited about.”The frustration of both Spencer and Di Martino is tied to the notion that they might find it easier to meet someone if they lived somewhere other than Omaha.For example, if you only want to date someone who holds a two- or four-year college degree, then you have just eliminated roughly half your potential first dates. Spencer remembers how easily she met people while in college at Iowa State University. They both admit to moments of frustration while dating in Omaha, but they also have found moments of joy.Both Di Martino and Spencer have taken to online dating sites to try to meet people. Her: I don't really follow shows, because I'm on the Internet at the same time. Her: (Shrugs)“She literally had absolutely nothing she was passionate about,” Di Martino says. And Di Martino, an information security specialist who travels in his work for a Fortune 500 company, can't believe how many more single people there seem to be in other cities. In the 30-34 age group, 45 percent of women who live in Chicago or Atlanta are single. In Omaha, only 38 percent of women in that age group are single, census data show. Lisa has written wickedly funny and insightful things about some of her worst first dates. Let's crunch the numbers and show that when the magazine Marie Claire recently named our city one of five “Best Cities for Single Girls,” it maybe missed a thing or two about relationships in the River City.

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As a result, the state has been a major food producer since statehood.

Rivers have been important to Nebraska’s geography and settlement.

As one of the west-central states of the United States, Nebraska was primarily a stopover point for those migrating to the rich trapping country to the north and west as well as to the settlement and mining frontiers of the mountain and Pacific regions during the first half of the 19th century.

With the development of railroads after the American Civil War (1861–65) and the consequent immigration, the fertile soils of Nebraska were plowed, and its grasslands gave rise to a range cattle industry.

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