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but eventually in the course of online dating you will meet people in the real world, and the more you misrepresent yourself online, the bigger the crash will be when the facade comes crashing down.

Here at Vi DA we're experts at helping our clients walk this line – you must put your best face forward, to distinguish yourself from the pack, but you must also make sure that the whole online dating persona you're creating is congruent with you in the real world, or all your efforts will be wasted.

We love to get our hands dirty when it comes to stats here at Vi DA, so we took a closer look at the conclusions that Ok Cupid made on its blog post ). If you look at the height distribution of the US population, versus the Ok Cupid database, both men and women on Ok Cupid are around two inches taller, allegedly. Probably not…people have been adding on a few inches since the dawn of time.

The Dead Sea scrolls tell us Goliath was only six feet tall, but later accounts bumped him up to over nine feet.

I did a whole criminal background check on him and he has over 10 felonies and at least 3 of those are class x!

Ok Cupid is free to join, free to search, and free to message.

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And more recently, even Chris Rudder – the co-founder and creative director who wrote the post – admitted that he had been misrepresenting his height in his own profile by one inch.

This is where a lot of men need guidance, and where our profile creation experts come into play.

Because sometimes it takes a friend to actually point out when you're not being true to yourself.

Overall, Ok Cupid’s users claimed to be an average of 20% richer than they really are.

And, as you can see in the ‘Overall Income Inflation, By Age’ graph above, the difference between fact and fiction increases with age (unless you are a recent college grad girl, a group which apparently feels little need to embellish their wages).

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