Okamoto keito dating dating a teenage christian girl

im glad to say that i finally found out my password to my scm911 account and i made my sioobs account the creator.. They say that the picture taken from Friday Magazine, so it can be confirmed as a strong rumor (by means, it is true that it is Keito-kun and Kasumi-san), though there is no official statement or confirmation about it from Jhonny's or Keito-kun himself. when the very first I saw this photo, I yelled "this is Keito-kun, with no doubt! " though the size of it photo was really small, my eyes waver and I get really shocked when I zoom it. He did mention Kasumi on his interview, Popolo : September (if I get my memory right). hahaha *high five*Just yesterday, I had a chat with my friend.

"In the summer of last year, I got a letter from the college.

The evening had a rough start since the AC in his apartment was broken resulting in a premature hot and sticky night.

She went into further detail mentioning how at first they started to watch TV in bed before eventually doing the deed.

I said "It seems that Keito-kun already found someone he loves, right.

Do you know why Keito-kun put so many words 'Hero' in his song? So there is no reason you giving up your dreams and journey to become Mrs.

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