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Examples where you can use custom chat channels: - A LFG (looking for group) channel where you can search for players for a flashpoint or operation.If your server has a LFG channel, you can safely leave the fleet while still being able to search for missing players; if not, start one today with /cjoin lfg and advertise in fleet so that other players will join it!If you are in a custom chat channel, you will receive a notification every time someone joins or leaves the channel.If you want to turn off those notifications, rightclick on the chat tab, select "Chat Settings" and uncheck the "System Feedback" channel.For example, he can set a password for the channel, have only moderators be able to speak, or kick unwanted players from the channel.Note that the chat channels are reset with every server downtime (maintenance) or when everyone leaves the channel (e.g.Note that you have to have creator rights to use this command.

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Instead, the first player to join the channel again (via logging in or /cjoin) will be the new creator of the channel and now has the channel rights until the next maintenance or until everyone has left the channel.With this command you can allow banned players to join the channel again.When a player is a moderator, he can speak in a channel when the channel is set to /moderate.Note that the chat channels are reset with server maintenance.Also, note that you have to have creator rights to use this command. from channel ..." even though the command did nothing.

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