Nick lazzarini and travis wall dating

There’s this idea that we’re all promiscuous and flamboyant. Brandon with his parents at his Juilliard graduation When I go back home to Michigan, I’m still self-conscious about how I dress and act. I’d rather put on a sweatshirt and “mom jeans” to avoid being called names. One of my closest friends, who’s straight, just visited me for my birthday, and I’m going to another friend’s wedding next week—my first gay wedding.

In August, I ran into someone from high school in my hometown. My sister recently started a serious relationship, which sparked a conversation between my mom and me. When I meet the right person, I’ll bring him home to meet my parents.

At first, I was uncomfortable changing in front of gay guys in the dressing room.

But once I got to know the people I was dancing with, there was so much mutual respect that it wasn’t a problem.

They also both learned early on that being a male dancer comes with a lot of stereotypes. Their stories don’t represent every gay or straight male dancer, but they’re real.

Then Larry Keigwin—who’d choreographed features a love triangle between three men. But that doesn’t mean I don’t struggle with the stereotypes that come with being a gay male dancer. Luckily, experiences like that are rare these days.If someone called me names like “gay” or “fairy,” I’d say, “Is it gay that I’m hanging out with lots of hot girls after school? I had my first girlfriend at 14—a dancer at my studio. It wasn’t until starting college at The Juilliard School that I really thought about what it meant to be gay or straight. I think I was one of two straight men in my class and one of five in the division.But I’d never really given my sexuality much thought. I suddenly had friends who were questioning their sexualities or coming out for the first time.Kyle (third from left) with his family It felt like there was a big gay party I wasn’t invited to. Or because I can admit that that’s a good-looking guy?” It didn’t take long to realize that, while I loved my male friends, I wasn’t interested in them in a romantic way.

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