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He made another televised appearance when he returned home.

In both videos, Carrie noted that he tapped his fingers in an odd, repeated pattern, suspecting that it was an encoded message.

Upon his return, Brody also attended a follow-up debriefing with the CIA, where he was introduced to Carrie and met with Tom Walker's widow, Helen.

At the bar, Brody called Carrie to inform her will not be able to take the polygraph the morning after.

Eight months before his rescue, Nick was transported from the location outside Damascus to Afghanistan.

There he is found by US Delta Force operators inside a terrorist safe haven in the Korangal Valley and rescued.

During Brody's wrapping of Issa's body, Abu entered and saw his son. The two finished wrapping Issa's body together and prayed over it.

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Those forces then sold him and Walker to an Al Qaeda commander known as Abu Nazir.

Eventually, he's seen beating his partner, Walker, at the direction of Nazir.

In 2008, Nazir took Brody into his home, trimmed his hair and cut his beard.

He then introduced Brody to his son, Issa and asked him to teach him English.

Brody was hesitant as he had no teaching experience.

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