Network timing out when updating ipod

can be lifted with a finger nail & Remove the screw The Blue-ray drive comes right out.pull out the power panel’s flat cable remove 3 black in red and 2 silver screws in blue the logic board lifts free of the chassis Unscrew 5 silver screws in red securing the shield do not remove the 2 black screws in yellow & Remove The screws for the two identical brackets in blue remove the metal shield from the logic board.

They may be stuck to components on the logic board.& clean the old heat transfer paste from these areas with alcohol wipes in blue clean the two chips with alcohol wipes in blue & you will notice your NOR chip in red a close up of the NOR chip (you need to either jot down every detail from the chip or its better to take a clear photo and check you can zoom in and read it) all the old heat transfer paste removed place a line of heat transfer paste to both chips using a credit card spread the compound over both chips going top to bottom, left to right, bottom to top, and right to left. Then put the logic board back onto the bottom heat shield (the one you just cleaned) place 2 folded pieces of card in the areas shown screw the two identical brackets back in place insuring they are sat on the card NOT touching the logic board.Flip the PS3 over & remove the top case lifting the rear first (like opening a door) Disconnecting two power supply cables in red and two screws in blue Removing the power supply.remove the inlet power connector Unplug the fan Remove the bdvd drive flat cable.The power supply should now be completely disconnected from the PS3.the Bluetooth board (in the 60GB models, it also has wireless). Now you will (hopefully) see this Next, we have to remove the small circuit board that has the Reset and Eject buttons. Remove the 4 screws holding the board and the metal bracket and unplug the small ribbon cable. Now remove the screws circled in red After the screws are removed, gently lift out the whole motherboard along with the back panel like the pictures below: Make sure you have taken out the plastic cover with the HDD sticker on it! After the bottom of the PS3 case is out of the way, you can see the cooling system on the bottom of the motherboard. There are 4 small plastic clips (2 on either side of the motherboard) that you need to lift to take off the back panel. Unscrew the 4 screws (circled in red) holding 2 metal brackets down.

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