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Executive director of Nepal Communitere, Bahar Kumar, has been using the menstrual cup to break free from the "diluted" form of Chhaupadi, which is practised in more culturally progressive, urban areas like Kathmandu."Though [Chhaupadi] is disguised as providing menstruating women a break from being in the kitchen, the belief that a menstruating girl or woman is 'contaminated' remains at the core and can leave many feeling dirty, ashamed and isolated," Ms Kumar says."Because menstruation cups don't produce any trash, they provide us with privacy."I've bought all my nieces menstrual cups and implemented a 'don't ask, don't tell' policy for myself in my family, slowly encouraging them to do the same."I think it's working." The potentially life-saving solution is not without its challenges: religious, cultural and educational.

The Rato Baltin pilot project, which gave free menstrual cups to hundreds of these women and girls last year, was "a total success", says Be Artsy CEO and reproductive rights activist Clara Garcia i Ortes.

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Nepal legspinner Sandeep Lamichhane on Saturday etched his name in history books after he was bought by Delhi Daredevils at the 2018 Indian Premier League Auction.

But Ms Thapa is concerned that menstrual cups are unaffordable for most Nepalese women.

While cheaper over the long term than buying disposable products each month, menstrual cups require an upfront investment (about -50)."For a lot of Nepalese women, that would be impossible," Ms Thapa said.

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