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Enter one of the following codes in the North American version of the game: Prequel bonus Have a saved game file from Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2 on your memory card when starting a new game.

A confirmation message will appear on the blank screen just before the loading screen and the main menu appears, stating that you have earned 607 Naruto Cards and 50,000 Ryou.

Play as Asuma Defeat Asuma in Story mode to unlock him.

Play as Konohamaru Successfully complete Story mode, then pass Moegi and Udon's riddle mini-game at the academy to unlock Konohamaru.Note: This game is also titled Naruto: Narutimate Hero 3.Bonus characters At the main menu, hold R1 R2 and press Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle.Play as Hoshigaki Kisame Successfully complete Chapter 3, Mission 8 in Story mode to unlock Hoshigaki Kisame.Play as Jiraiya Successfully complete Chapter 3, Mission 9 in Story mode to unlock Jiraiya.

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