Muslim dating in europe

Having just secured a £1.5 million investment round, About met the CEO and Founder, Shahzad Younas, to get a glimpse of where they are going next. I first created a “muzmatch” website at the time – as I was shocked at how many Muslims struggled to find a partner, and how (in my eyes) awful the current offerings and services were for them.

All of our paid offerings are entirely optional, with the vast bulk of our users never paying a penny. do you use any form of psychometric testing to match people? We ask users to provide 22 data points – and a free text “about me”.

AI: ‘Dating’ in the traditional sense is viewed as forbidden by most Muslims, how does muzmatch ‘manage’ this process?

Many of our users think of “Muslim Dating” – however, their understanding is different to the mainstream term “dating” – in that for them, the first few meetings to gauge how suitable you both are, with a few to involving families and proceeding to marriage– comes under the “Muslim dating” banner.

Do you feel these traditional models still hold value or should everyone switch to digital?

In my opinion, a fundamental shift is taking place across the Muslim world – changing rapidly as a result of the internet and the close communication it allows.

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