Musiq soulchild dating meelah

Musiq Soulchild released his debut album, Aijuswanaseing, in 2000 with the lead single "Just Friends (Sunny)".Musiq's second single "Love" spent 22 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.Nothing was off the table when Meelah Williams called into Kempire Radio (LOVE it! Williams spoke candidly about finding out her son’s autism diagnosis, the challenges and milestones of his growth since then as well.She also revealed that she still lives with Musiq, even though they are no longer together. Meelah, have been praising one another for their parenting to their son.

She made sure to tag Musiq Soulchild in the pic just so we know it’s real.. #mswrightsway #weaintnevascared #attachmentparenting #naturalparenting #calisthenics A post shared by Ashley "Tiyumba" Wright (@mswrightsway) on Soulchild’s girlfriend is also an advocate for public breastfeeding and sometimes gets backlash and handclaps online for showing herself breast feeding her four year old daughter in public. Wright takes it all in stride and had to defend herself with statements like this one in past: My heart just Explodes! No disrespect to his new lady, but I was kinda rooting for Musiq and Meelah to reunite.For those who aren’t familiar with the woman who will be the mother of Musiq Soulchild’s second child, Ashley gets quite a bit of praise and sometimes flack on social media over her style of parenting. [Ring Sling – @lovesakurabloom] #ifbuddhawasapoledacingbabywearingbreastfeedinggoddess #mswrightsway #goddess #poledancingmom #normalizebreastfeeding #breastfeedingtoddler #attachmentparenting #idothis #keepspace #naturalparenting #babywearing #blackgirlmajic A post shared by Ashley "Tiyumba" Wright (@mswrightsway) on Her Instagram oftentimes shows her posing with very little clothing on -or completely nude- with her four year old daughter either close by, or strapped to her. They’re great friends and it seemed like they had great chemistry as a couple.She’s is a firm believer of parents connecting with their children in a more nontraditional way (in today’s society) and in the purest form. The poses seem like a combination between yoga, pole dancing, and some other type of flexible stances that many people could never possibly twist their limbs into…but somehow homegirl, can… I can't imagine still continuing to live life limited by everyone else's comfort levels and shadowed thoughts; hell even by my past fears and barriers. But ah well…guess everything ain’t always meant to be.Yet to walk freely inside myself is to journey courageously amongst others. Now that Musiq and Ashley have a little one on the way, I sincerely wish them a happy healthy baby and a long lasting relationship.By the way, I’m ’bout ready for Musiq to release another classic, like his timeless 2000 joint, “Love.” Anybody with me on this?

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