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Ludmila (Mercedes Lambre), the richest and most arrogant girl in Studio 21, also falls in love with Tomás, angering León (Jorge Blanco), her old boyfriend. León got furious and, to teach Ludmila and Tomás a lesson, he decides to date Violetta.

Contrary to his plans, he begins falling in love with Violetta and she starts to fall in love with León, which irritates Tomás and Ludmila, who are just beginning to date.

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After the accident, they both moved to Madrid and he raised her alone, with hardly any contact with other children of her age.

Ludmila starts falling in love with Federico (Ruggero Pasquarelli)and get together at the end.

Diego finds out that his father is Gregorio, a selfish teacher that works at the Studio.

There, Violetta starts taking piano lessons at 'Studio 21' (later On Beat Studio), a prestigious music school.

She meets Angie (María Clara Alonso), her new teacher, governess, and secretly her aunt (sister of Violetta's mother, unbeknownst to Germán) who helps her to realize her talent.

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