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they have no place telling us not to post it on here or tumblr if they don't not know who's Facebook it is from.

if they no for a fact it is a private Facebook pic, then they should be able to tell us who's Facebook it is off of. Sounds like a bunch of Sydney FC players are switching to the West Sydney team...maybe due to a lack of funding?

23 Stories.” and in her clip, Megan Rapinoe shares memories growing up with her twin, Rachael.

Just weeks after announcing her split, Abby Wambach and Sarah Huffman have already barreled through the divorce process ... TMZ Sports obtained court documents filed in Oregon which show a judge has signed off on the soccer superstar's divorce from her wife of 3 years.

if they no for a fact it is a private Facebook pic, then they should be able to tell us who's Facebook it is off of.

Emotional: Abby Wambach, a record-breaking goal scorer, kissed her wife Sarah Huffman in a euphoric and touching moment after winning the World Cup in the last international soccer match of her career After being the catalyst, the one scoring the goals for so many years for the United States in the biggest matches, Wambach was 'sitting my rear-end on the bench,' during an electric first half where the Americans built a 4-1 lead on the strength of a hat trick from captain Carli Lloyd.'To be quite honest, I felt like I was in a dream sitting there on the bench watching Carli Lloyd go off and I'm so proud to be on this team and proud to be a part of something that in my opinion is really special,' Wambach said.'It wasn't just Carli Lloyd that won us this World Cup - although tonight showed us, our semifinal showed us that she's a huge reason why we have this World Cup title - it's the depth of this team and the ability of making those subs in the pivotal moments of certain games.

I'm just proud of us and proud of our coaching staff of making the hard decisions.'Those hard decisions included the one Ellis made to bring Wambach off the bench for three of the final four games of the tournament.

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On Sunday, she lifted American coach Jill Ellis after the final whistle.

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